Experienced Java Developer (Freelance / Copenhagen)

Place: Copenhagen area, it will be possible to work some days from home.

Start: ASAP

End: Mid June 2019, with option on prolongations

What do you do?

Twins Consulting is looking for a full stack Java developer who can take part in, design, and lead the development from inception to release – and beyond. Our client is an electricity supplier, most of the work revolves around the processing of market messages, time-series data (consumption and prices), exposure of functionality in a stateless backend system to a mobile app, and integration to a wide variety of services, like payment providers, energy-tech service providers etc. It is also important that you can explore and research other, new, or unconventional technologies/integrations that can make their product stand out from the competitors’.

The tech stack is:

  • Orchestration Serverless
  • Platform Amazon Web Services
  • EC2 S3 Lambda Step Functions Route53 Cognito
  • Language Java
  • Maven JUnit Slf4j / Log4j2 Java Streams Java Reflection Java Math
  • OS Linux
  • Bash GNU Tools
  • Database MongoDB
  • Immutable Bi-temporal
  • Protocol Json-RPC RESTful / HATEOAS SOAP


Henrik Schmidt, hsc@twins.net or +45 30 17 99 92.

  •  Henrik Schmidt, Twins


    Henrik Schmidt

    Konsulentchef, konsulentsalg

    Mail: hsc@twins.net
    Mobil: 30 17 99 92

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